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Elabrick Iceland Interno 50x210


As beautiful as real facing brick, light, thin and easy to apply Elabrick Indoor is suitable for any interior environment thanks to its reduced thickness, but also to its lightness and ease of transport and installation, it can be applied on many surfaces and in countless areas of the house. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, cellar, garage, fireplace, offices, shops. The application is simple and requires few preparatory steps, few tools and little time. The result is equal to the real brick and is within everyone's reach, since specialized manpower is not required, just a minimum of manual skills. Elabrick is a product made in Holland and in use since 1962, today it has numerous creations to its credit, used, in its outdoor version, also in post-seismic reconstruction in Abruzzo and in the Marche , or in the current numerous energy renovations as a finish on external insulation systems.
  • Larghezza 5 cm
  • Lunghezza 21 cm
  • Profondità 0.3 cm
  • Taglia 1Mq
  • Colore Iceland