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Cardboard box for wardrobe, with lid and handles.

€9.90 (VAT included)
Cardboard storage box ideal for storing objects and linens. Keep your clothes and sheets, blankets and towels, books and comics, toys and soft toys, CDs and documents, various tools, and much more in order. Ideal for the change of season or to recover space in wardrobes, to store objects in perfect condition and away from dust and mites. Easy, fast and safe to assemble; there are not a thousand plastic buttons, dangerous for children, but only 2 simple handles, included in the package Strong boxes with a triple folding system and with metal rivets on the lid. High definition design and printing with attention to the smallest details.
  • Width 39 cm
  • Length 40 cm
  • Depth 24 cm
  • Size Big
  • Color fantasy Polka dots
  • Max carried weight 60