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Pronto Caffè Cristal

Ground coffee dispenser to preserve freshness and aroma away from light, air and humidity.

€14.90 (VAT included)
"Prontocaffè allows you to keep coffee safe and close at hand. Remove the top lid and pour the coffee inside. Compact, easy to clean, the transparent container allows a quick check of the residual quantity. Prontocaffè allows you to dose the right amount of coffee in an instant, in coffee makers up to 7 cups. You will never pour too much, never too little, you will not get dirty and you will avoid waste. The top cap closes the container hermetically. The coffee will not be in contact with the air, it will keep its aroma intact for a long time while remaining perfectly sealed. Prontocaffè can be the right gift idea for a family member, colleague or friend, perfect for various occasions: Christmas, Birthday, Father's or Mother's Day."
  • Length 20 cm
  • Diameter 13 cm
  • Color Red