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Kanguru Momonga Brownie

Flying squirrel shaped soft fleece blanket, wearable, does not touch the ground, leaves your hands free, allowing freedom of movement

€26.90 (VAT included)
Why momonga? the Japanese flying squirrel or "momonga" is a small and very tender rodent that leaps from tree to tree by hovering with its soft wing membrane; rarely ventures out of its den because it likes to stay warm, protected in its nest; if you adore his lifestyle, immediately choose momonga, the soft wearable plaid in kanguru microfiber; Incredibly soft and comfortable: Kanguru blankets are super soft and warm, ensuring maximum comfort; the fabric remains very pleasant in contact with the skin and is absolutely hypoallergenic, therefore perfect for the little ones or for those with delicate skin
  • Width 120 cm
  • Length 120 cm
  • Color Brownie