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Kanguru Sirena Kids Lilla

A fun and soft mermaid tail blanket

€19.89 (VAT included)
A real dive into relaxation - The blanket has a length of 135 centimeters, so children can tuck their legs into the tail and stay totally warm; the lilac multicolored scales pattern makes it ideal for all chic and elegant people. Made of 100% soft microfiber fleece; the super softness and pleasantness of this material has a soft and delicate effect, hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin, ideal for the little ones or for those with delicate skin. Details make the difference: the inimitable quality of the scale design, the tail with embossed stripes, the possibility of inserting the feet into the tail, gaining inches of warmth and freedom of movement
  • Length 135 cm
  • Color fantasy Lilac
  • Age 4-12